Milani Baked Blush Corallina & Luminoso Perfect For The Spring & Updates

It's insane how so many of my favorite beauty products are coming from the drugstore now. Sephora is still my second home, but now or days, I'm spending just as much time at the drugstore beauty aisles  as well. The drugstore brand Milani has some really great stuff and their new baked blushes in Corallina and Luminoso are so perfect for the spring.

These baked blushes are extremely pigmented, finely milled, and pretty long lasting. I got some serious wear out of them.
Corallina is my favorite although I did like Luminoso on me too (big surprise).

Corallina is a breathtaking slightly shimmery coral.  This blush gives my skin such a beautiful coral glow without making me look like  disco ball. I highly recommend this blush if you are a woman of color.  Don't let the shimmer scare you. Once applied, it's barely perceptible and you will have such a beautiful flush to your face. This is a must get.

Luminoso is a slightly shimmery peach. Usually makeup in this shade range doesn't look so great on me, or barely shows up on me,but this did. Again the shimmer is not even noticeable once applied on the cheeks. This gave my tan skin a really pretty peachy glow.

Here are swatches. Corallina to the left, and Luminoso to the right. Click to enlarge.
All in all for $7.00, these are a steal. Corallina is definitely my favorite, and is  one of the prettiest most pigmented coral blushes I own, and believe me, I own a few.

What do you think of these blushes?

Do you love Milani products?

Have a great weekend!!



Product provided by pr for review, but that had nothing to do with the way I felt about these amazing blushes.

If you're in the tristate area, NYC, Connecticut or New Jersey, I believe I'll be on WPIX channel 11 talking spring cleaning your makeup bag.I shot it last week.  I'm pretty sure it will air either Monday or Tuesday morning. Will give you a definite date once I know it.

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Angela said...

I love the Milani Lip Flash pencils; I have all the colors and I love them. I'm a little afraid of blush, being a chocolate girl, but I may give the coral one a whirl.

beautylogicblog said...

Angela, please try this. you will love it. Hugs,

Benedicte MAGEN said...

love these colors ;)

taii said...

i love Milani products!

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