Chanel Summer Nail Collection 2012 Review and Swatches

When it comes to nails, I don't play. See my abuela (grandma) was really big on my nails always being manicured. If she noticed any dirt under my nails, Good Lord, I was in trouble. When I was a teen, and a huge tomboy, she was always fighting with me about my dirty nails. If she spotted chipped or dirty nails, she would sit me down, and give me a manicure herself, and have these long talks with me, telling me that a woman should always look presentable and care about their appearance.  To this day, if my nails look a hot mess, I think of my abuela, and immediately grab my manicure kit, and give myself one.  Man, I miss her. Sorry for the random thought, let's get into beauty. Besides the warm weather, one of the things I look forward to most in the summer is the new makeup and nail collections. Chanel always brings a shade that becomes the most coveted of the summer and they also always set new nail trends. This summer, I've noticed most collections  embracing neons, and pastels, but not Chanel. They've chosen a different approach. Click below to see swatches and read my review of the Chanel Summer 2012 nail polish collection. 

 Chanel Holiday-An opaque red orange. Applies evenly with no streaks. 1 coat would have been ok with this, as these are pretty darn pigmented but this is two.

Chanel Delight-Delight is def my fave color and I think this will be the "it" color. It's a mix of gold and bronze, and super rich. I could have rocked one coat with this, and been ok. Love this. Again, this applied evenly, with no streaks.

Chanel Island-For you girls who like to keep it tame, Chanel Island is a beige pearl. Very pretty.Wearable for all occasion. Applied evenly with no streaks.

These retail for $26.00 each.

All in all, Chanel Delight would def be my favorite, but then again, I've never met a gold I didn't like.

What are your fave shades in this collection?

Do you love them?




Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Delight is gorgeous. I can imagine it would just sparkle from afar with a nice tan! Thanks for sharing.

beautylogicblog said...

So beautiful, I'm obsessed! How have you been?

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