Dove Clear Tone Deodorant Review

I know a few girls who don't like to wear tank tops because they are scared to show their  dark underarms. Women of color tend to suffer from this a lot more just because of the extra melanin in our skin.  Years of shaving, sweating,  and leaving deodorant on all the time contribute to this problem as well. My mom has been making me use lemon under my arms for years, so I'm pretty fortunate not to have that. Dove Deodorant recognized the under arm darkness problem, and created Dove Clear Tone. This contains Calendula and Sunflower extract  which are supposed to restore skin to it's natural tone. This product is also supposed to last 24 hours. The product has a fresh scent to it. I think it last pretty long too. I always carry deodorant in my bag, because I usually have to retouch throughout the day (or sometimes in the morning, I can forget to apply deodorant.  Don't judge me, lol. I"m a busy mom!)  I didn't have to reapply with this product. I love that this doesn't leave white marks on my shirts too. All in all, if you suffer from dark marks and your deodorant runs out quick, this might be a good option for you.

Here are few Milly tips to prevent dark marks under your pits:

1) Use a sugar and lemon scrub under your pits. But, do this at least a day after shaving. If you do it right after, you will be screaming  like a new born baby. Lemon stings freshly shaved skin.
2) Wash deodorant off your pits at night.
3)You can also do a Lemon and honey rinse. As Lemon is a natural skin bleacher, and honey is a natural skin moisturizer. Leave on for about 5 minutes, then rinse.
4) If you suffer from extensive armpit sweat, use apple cider vinegar on your pits at night. Apply a quarter of a teaspoon to each pit, wait till it drys, then in the morning rinse off. As someone whose armpit sweat was embarrassing, this helps tremendously. Don't worry about the pits stinking like vinegar, once it dries, you should be ok.

Hope this helps.

You can purchase Dove Clear Tone Deodorant here.




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