Obsessed with One n Only Argan Heat Professional Ceramic Hair Setter

Hey loves,

Recently, at the International Beauty Show, I was intrigued when I saw the, One N Only Argan Heat Professional Ceramic Hairsetter with Oil Applicator (man, that is a long name).  This product contains 8 extra roller jumbos, four that are 1 3/4 inches and the other four are 2 inches. It also contains clips that actually work on the rollers. A lot of hot roller sets contain clips that do not hold the roller in place. Not these. They work great. I already have a hot roller set  but this one was different because it contains a device where you can apply argan oil to the roller. I found that really interesting. The rollers heat up super quickly. I didn't think eight rollers would be enough for my bra strap length hair, but because these are super huge, they fit, not perfectly, but they do get all of my hair.  Now that I dyed my hair from jet black to honey brown highlights, I need all the conditioning I can get so I loved that I had the option of applying argan oil on these rollers and then setting my hair with it. Click below to read my review, and see my hair after.

All you do is put a little argan oil on the above oil applicator and then roll the roller over it. You then apply the roller to your hair.  I thought it would make my hair greasy. Not at all. These take about 10 minutes to heat up.  I  then leave them in my hair for  20 minutes, while doing my makeup.  When I take them off, my hair is left ridiculously shiny, and bouncy.  I"m obsessed with these. However, because the rollers are so big, I would probably not get these unless your hair is at least shoulder length.  If your hair is shorter, the rollers may be a little too big. Here's a pic after only 10 minutes of having these on. Bounce with a cute flip at the end!

I love that these not only give my hair volume, but condition my hair as well without making them greasy. The woman who sold me these at the International Beauty Show swore that I was getting  a special sale for $49.99 but that is false. These RETAIL for $49.99 at Sallys. Here's the link.   
All in all, these are pretty great. Highly rec.

Do you us hot rollers?

What are the ones you use?




Ronnique said...

Love the highlights Milly!


laughing808 said...

I have hot rollers and was contemplating replacing them with new ones. But I'd have to allow my hair to grow abit more before I can use these.

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

Today I received them :)
Thank you

Michelle Reynolds said...

I tried Xtreme Conair rollers on my thick, long, naturally curly hair and when I pulled them out, the curls looked just the way I wanted them too; however, after 5 mins., yes, 5 mins., my hair had absolutely no curl left. I tried them on my daughter's hair which is different than mine and same thing happened. My question is, what should I be looking for in hot rollers that will KEEP the curl? These Argan ones sound terrific, but I'm thinking I may get the same result and have spent more $. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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