Currently Loving Lancome Tangerine Tint

Hello loves, yesterday I woke up with a straight swollen face. I had my wisdom teeth removed, and well, it wasn't pretty, but thank Heavens the pain is done. Today, let's get into a blush that I've been wearing lately, and that's Lancome's Tangerine Tint Blush Subtil.  I was reminded of how beautiful this blush was when my oral surgeon begged me for the name (right before she knocked me out). When I searched the blog to see if I had reviewed this, I was shocked that I hadn't (considering it's been one of my fave blushes for the last few months).

 Lancome Tangerine Tint  is an interesting name for this blush because I don't see anything tangerine about it .You'll find that this blush leans more towards a coral peach with a subtle sheen. I love how buildable this blush is. You can definitely rev up the intensity of this one with a few swipes of your brush or keep it light. In my opinion this blush would work on probably everyone, except if you're super warm, it may not show up as much as you'd like.  I would show you a pic of me with it on, but my cheeks are still pretty swollen so here's a swipe on my arm.

Also, here's Lancome's Tangerine Tint (nail polish on my fingers which is part of their Summer collection.   This nail polish is def not like the blush, and is much more a tangerine color. I love it. !

What do you think of Lancome Tangerine Tint the blush and nails?

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socialitedreams said...

i like the blush a lot

Lauren said...

I love all things tangerine at the moment !

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