Therapy Thursday: Dear Milly, What is your key to success?

Hey loves. I hope you're doing well. I received an email from someone recently that I'd like to share. It was from a reader who asked me if I had any secrets for achieving success. I'd like to start this off by saying that in my mind, I have not yet achieved success. Success to me is reporting beauty and lifestyle on a TV network. I love reporting. I'm nosy, and I love talking to random people on the street so reporting is perfect for me. But, I will admit that I have been given some amazing opportunities, and I'm incredibly grateful for every single one of them. Up until a few years ago, that wasn't the way my life was. A few years back, my life was pretty sad. But, when I changed my thinking, my life changed. It got so much better. Although, I"m not yet where I want to be, I know I will be one day. Here are some ways I believe you can achieve success. Click Below to Read More:

1) Think you can-I really believe that I can do anything. Not to sound conceited, but I am confident in my abilities.  I believe that I can do anything. I want you to believe that too. Nothing is impossible if you work hard, and are passionate. Believe me. You can do anything!

2) Treat people kindly-I'm a huge believer in energy. I also believe that being kind to others has helped me. Treat every person you meet the same. Remember, you are no better than anyone else. No matter what your position in life is.

3) Dream on Paper-I've talked about my vision board before, and I don't want you to think it's a magic board, because it's not. My vision board keeps me focused. When I get sidetracked, it shows me the way. And the best thing is, when stuff on my board comes true, it's the best feeling ever because I know I'm progressing.

4) Remove negative peeps from your life- At one point in my life, I got rid of a few friends. Well, people that I thought were my friends, but, I realized they were mostly negative Nancys who tried to discourage me from my dream, and didn't believe in me and never seemed to be happy for me at all. Once I did that, my life improved dramatically. Keep people around you that are positive, and you will see a difference in your life. Positive energy attracts positivity.

5 ) Be Grateful for everything-Every single opportunity that I am given, I am extremely thankful for. I'm grateful for everything that has happened in my life. And you should be too. If it's bad, be grateful as well, because bad experiences are usually the best learning experiences.

6) Network -Network, Network, Network. Make sure you have your business cards on you all the time. This is so important.You never know who you'll meet and at any point in time. I recently met someone at one of my yoga classes who has helped me tremendously. again Network Network Network

I'll continue part 2 to this next week.




Hafsa said...

Really appreciated this post! I'm only in my early 20's but I've achieved a lot of what I've wanted but, I don't even think I've achieved enough.

I've found that success isn't impossible to achieve but, the obstacles that face you make it harder and nothing's worth working for if it's going to be a bed of roses.

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