Smashbox Shades of Fame Eye Palette & Brush Review

Hey guys, I'm so sorry about the last two weeks. My blogging has kind of come to a stop due to my crazy life! I hope you guys are doing great. Let's get back to our regularly scheduled program of beauty and let's start with the new Smashbox  Shades of Fame Palette which I'm really digging. As you girls know, this summer, I"m making some serious beauty changes.  I recently got highlights all over my jet black hair, and after a few days of getting used to them,  I can finally say I  love them!

Also, when it comes to makeup, I'm stepping away from neutrals, and doing bolder colors. For the summer, Smashbox has released their new Shades of Fame Palette. These are Smashbox Makeup Artists' favorite shades for the eyes. The palette contains nine very pigmented shadows, two creamy eyeliners,  a shadow primer, a double sided Smashbox brush and an instructional on how to create three fun looks. I'm so loving this.  All this for $48.00. Click below to read my review, and see swatches, and check  a look i created for my abuelo's 88th birthday party yesterday:

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First Row

From Left to Right: Bliss, Honey, Sandstone

2nd Row

Nude, Sherbert, and Safari

Third Row

Pacific, Praline, and Mocha


The brush is awesome too. Double sided, one for eyeliner, the other for eyeshadow application and it's a quality brush. I actually used it to apply my shadows and the bristles to apply the shadows were dense, and perfect for applying color. The eyeliner brush gave me a precise line as well.

These shadows pack serious pigment. I find that I don't have to pick up too much product to get the finish I want. They blend really well too, and with the Shashbox primer, they didn't crease at all on me. I also really love that gorgeous turquoise color, Pacific. So gorgeous.  I really like this palette especially for the summer. Although I think anyone can use this palette, if you've got a warmer complexion, you may want to pick this one up. Yesterday was my abuelo's 88th birthday. My whole family got together to celebrate his amazing day. I decided to bring on the color, so I used Pacific on the lid, Sherbert on crease, and sandstone on top. I used Honey on inner corner.

Here's my abuelo and I. Can you believe he's 88. Doesn't he look amazing. My grandmother and him were married for 58 years, and raised 17 kids together before she passed last year.  Love is very real peeps, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Anyway, how was your weekend?

What do you think of Smashbox Shades of Fame palette?

Do you love it?




jan said...

Love the highlights - very pretty! Your abuelo is so cute - wow, 17 kids! Amazing!

I love the colors in the Smashbox palate - putting on my Ulta list for this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am not quite liking the Smashbox Shades of Fame Palette. You abuelo looks amazing for his age!!!

Ms. G said...

Your hair looks great Milly! And happy birthday to your abuelo, your grandparents' story is wonderful :-)

Lauren said...

omg, Beautiful picture with you and your abuelo. 17 kids GOD BLESS ! thats amazing. And true love is real, you're right ! Secondly, I am obsessed with your hair color ! I am so afraid of highlighting my jet black hair as well. Yours looks amazing !

beautylogicblog said...

@jan thanks Jan, isn't he adorable. I love that man. Let me know how you like it. Hugs,

beautylogicblog said...

@jojo Aww Jojo, what don't you like about it? Maybe it's the way I modeled it. It's not my best pic. Hugs,

beautylogicblog said...

@ms G. Thanks my love. How have you been? Hugs,

beautylogicblog said...

@lauren my abuelo is amazing. 17 kids are married for 58 years. Thats love.

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