Congrats Cassie!!!!!!

Time and time again Beautylogic's co-editor and my bestest friend Cassie Freeman  just solidifies my belief that dreams really do come true and that anything is possible as long as you believe. Last year Cassie went to Africa to complete the film Kinywarwanda where she plays the role of a Rwandan heroine Lieutenant. Rose. Anyway out of thousands and thousands of entries, the Sundance Film Festival picked fourteen films to premier and compete in the World Cinema Dramatic Category and Kinywarwanda was one of the films selected

I'm so excited for Cassie!!!!

Here's the trailer to the film:

Cassie appears at 1:12

Kinywarwanda_Trailer from tovah leibowitz on Vimeo.

We can't wait for Sundance which is in Utah from January 20-30th.

Congrats to you Cassie.

We are rooting for the movie big time!




Ms. G said...

Congrats Cassie!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Go Cassie!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to her. As the New Year approaches I have vowed to switch things up and move out the house of "fear". This is so inspiring because anything you put you heart and soul in, will happen.

Beauty Logic Rocks!!!

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