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This year I had the great pleasure of interviewing Dr. Murad. If you’re not familiar with him he discovered the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, his skincare products are sold all over the world,  and  he’s one of the top dermatologists on earth. Because I work in the news business at my day job, I have met many "so called" famous docs, but none of them has struck me to be as wonderful as Dr. Murad. The guy’s energy is unbelievable. Now here’s a Doctor who sells skincare products but when we met, he told me right away "topical products will only help you 20%,  80% of your skin and hair health comes from internal consumption." As you girls know, I’m a vitamin nut! (I'm trying to stay looking 21 forever!)  Here are some vitamins that I take for my skin and hair, and reasons why I take them:

Borage oil (I mix this in my smoothie every morning) Dr. Murad recommended this for amazing skin and I’ve been taking it even before his rec.  It contains a very high amount of gamma lineloic acid which is an essential fatty acid that is known for it’s skin and hair benefits. If you suffer from dry hair and skin this is a must have. I guarantee you will see the difference.

Glucosamine-there was a study done in 2006 by some huge Dermatology institute  that shows that Glucosamine not only helps wounds heal faster but fights wrinkles, and helps heal sun damage. Dr. Murad also told me that he noticed that people that took Glucosamine had healthier skin than people who didn't.

B-Complex –Promotes scalp circulation and hair growth.

Protein Shake-Your hair is protein. If you are deficient in it, guess what, your hair will not grow. I love Garden of Earth Raw Protein. It taste good and is loaded with protein.It's an essential part of my morning smoothie

Lecithin (another Dr Murad rec) so important for maintaining healthy skin and hair growth. It’s also fantastic for memory loss. It’s loaded with b-vitamins.

Zinc -Do you ever get those white spots on your nails? That’s because you’re deficient in zinc. Zinc is very important because it’s responsible for cell production, and tissue repair and it produces the oil secreting gland in your hair. However, too much zinc isn’t good either. I do about 10 mg a day.

MSM-This is sulfur which builds healthy collagen and keratin. This is essential for great hair and skin.

Beta Carotene –the body converts this into vitamin a and vitamin a renews cells which is essential for hair growth and skin health.

There are times when I forget to take these vitamins and I really do see/feel a difference. My skin will start getting dryer. My hair will not look that amazing. These are so important. Also make sure to drink water, try not to stress too much and get at least seven hours of sleep. (Unfortunately, I haven't had seven hours of sleep in months.)
Do you take any vitamins for your hair skin? 

If so, please share with everyone else. 

All of these vitamins mentioned can be bought at Vitacost



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Please note: I am not a Doctor, this is just what I take to look 21 forever, so take at your own risk.


Mischo Beauty said...

Excellent post! So happy I take most of what's on the list, though I'm always trying to improve my diet itself... ;)

LynSire ♛ said...

All these were great tips!! Thank you for sharing!!


Morenita Lokita said...

I take evening primrose oil, B-6 complex and beat carotene. I've noticed that I break out less often and my scars fade faster.

xoxo Kellz* said...

aww ure too cute lol remind me of ma self ...n u have a baby boy aww my baby boy will be 3 months jan followin u on twitter too im new to it xoxo

Anonymous said...

how much msm do you take daily?

MsToyaBent said...

I'm going to pick up these vitamins today and try your protein shake!

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