JK Jemma Kidd Catwalk I-Kit & New Clarins Holiday Palette Winner & Milly's Matches!

Although I do love bright eyeshadow colors of greens, and blues, you'll usually find me with neutral colored eyes. It's just my preference. When I first got my hands on the Jemma Kid Catwalk I-Kit, I loved it. I knew I could use pretty use  much every part of this palette for a few different neutral eye looks. I won't deny that a few of these colors resemble MACS, but it's all good. And for the price -26 bucks, this isn't bad at all.

From left to right:  I-Design Eye Color Editor,  I-Design Eye Color Vintage, I-Design Eye Color Vanity Fair, I-Design Eye Color In Season, Exclusive Shadow  Aubergine Shimmer and Exclusive Shadow/Liner Black

Here's what the palette contains:

1) Eye prep and primer to neutralize the skin around the eye area and prep the skin for eye make up
2) Two highlight shadows  (I actually mixed the highlight shadows up and put it on my  lid. Created a very pretty golden effect. )
3) Five Ultra-wearable mid and define shadows in pearl and matte finishes
4) One wet/dry shadow and liner. 

Here's a look  created with the shadow yesterday. Warning: My eyebrows look a hot mess. I'm trying to grow them. I'm tired of these thin eyebrows that I got last year when I allowed a beautician who had just found out her husband was messing around to do my brows.  (Yes that's the excuse she gave me when I went psycho on  her for making them so thin.) So don't judge me for my brows.

The shadows do require a bit of packing on, but honestly, it's not bad at all I would highly recommend this palette especially if you're a neutral eye girl color like me.

Random thought: I'm thinking of becoming a matchmaker on the side. I've set up five couples, three of them are now either married or engaged and two of them are still in relationships. Just a thought....

Also, Socialite dreams did not claim her Clarins Palette so the new winner is Nour. Nour send me your deets asap. 

What are your thoughts on this palette?

What do you think of me as a matchmaker? I'd call it Milly's Matches.... yay or nay?

Would you allow me to set you up?

Lil Man is writing his 6 moth birthday update, so that may be up later on today or tomorrow. He's a slow typer. 





BonafideLatina~ said...

Love the neutral look! I like neutrals too!
And your brows look great!!! I don't see anything bad about them. I hear you on growing them.
Ive been working on mine for a WHILE...finally found my dream thread lady few years ago and she's helped my brows lol.

I LOVE LOVE the name Milly's Matches!!! I think you should do it! I love that VH1 Reality show 'tough love' w. Steve Ward, have you seen it??? it's not on now but im sure new season will pop up again...go for it! new career path for you. :)

Nour said...

yay thanks! I'll send you my info now.

Ms. G said...

Matchmaking, go for it!! Love the millionaire matchmaker. Might take you up on that.!

Natakue said...

I absolutely love your blog! You can totally get a sense of your personality in every post. You give great advice and reviews, but you also let a little of your random side slip in which is wonderful. I'm always smiling while I read your posts. Keep writing! Even if I don't comment, I'm always reading...and quietly snickering since I'm usually at work. =P

And of course, the makeup is gorgeous as usual =)

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