The Importance of Cleaning Your Brushes

The last few months, one of my girlfriends had been complaining to me that her skin had been breaking out big time. I kept recommending solutions but nothing was alleviating her condition. Finally I asked her to come over. No I'm not a dermatologist but I am someone who reads constantly on skin and hair health. Its an obsession! So usually my girls come to me if they are having a skin or hair issue. Anyway,  she came over about two weeks ago, and just from looking at her face, I could  clearly tell the problem. Her breakouts were mostly concentrated on her cheek area and her jaw area, places where she used makeup brushes. So here's how our conversation went:

Me: hey, when's the last time you washed your makeup brushes?
Her: hmm, I don't even remember
Me: What?
Her: yea i think it's been like a year or so.
Me: Well there's your problem, wash your brushes and those breakouts will be cleared.
Her: eh I don't know, I've been breaking out for some time
Me: Just do it.

I make it a habit to wash my brushes at least once a week. My skin is ridiculously sensitive and anything will cause me to break out. That kind of pisses me off though! (Both my brother and sister could apply Crisco Oil, Vegetable oil, and car grease on their face and they don't break out at all!) But anway, washing your brushes is very important. Long story short, my girlfriend called me yesterday. She washed her brushes on that day, and washed them the next week, and her face has 80% cleared. Wash your brushes people! If your face is breaking out, and you've tried everything, it could be because of dirty brushes. The legendary Sam  Fine uses Dawn soap to wash his brushes, and I do the same. There's no need to buy an expensive brush cleaner.

How frequently do you wash your brushes?

What do you use to wash them?




Anonymous said...

I don't wash them as often as I should but use Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo

hypnotic said...

How about washing them properly! I was using the Clinque makeup brush cleaner and it was obviously not doing the job. The outside looked clean but the inside was still not 100%. Anyway I had a case of breakouts last week along the jaw line and more like tiny white heads so I knew it was the brushes. Normally I get a cystic pimple. I ended up using Giovanni 50:50 I know shampoo is bad because it can coat the brushes or so I've read, but I think Giovanni is better than some random drugstore brand. Also I've read that dishing washing soap works.

MsFarrah said...

I should wash them more than I should but I will definitely be washing them this week. I use Johnsons baby shampoo

Tiffany said...

I wash my foundation brushes every other day and my other brushes every week or so... I also use Johnson's baby shampoo...

Makeup by Kim Porter Blog said...

foundation, concealer, and lip brushes I clean right after I use them. Brushes used for powder I clean once a week.

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