Becca Wild Honey Blush Review

Some days I just don't have time to apply eye shadows or foundation. If I'm in a rush, usually I'll throw Linette (name I gave my hair) in a messy bun, and wear only mascara or blush. (Lately I haven't needed mascara though, I'll tell you why tomorrow). I can't be without blush though!. Blush can instantly transform my tired and" haven't had a good night's sleep" face (due to Mr. Milly snoring) into a face that looks like it's slept for 10 hours or more.   Step in Becca Wild Honey Blush.  A beautiful silky mineral peach nude blush that gives my tan skin a gorgeous glow without packing on too much sparkle.  Yes you've got a little bit of shimmer but nothing crazy.  With two swaps of this silky brush I've got a glowing peach highlight to my cheeks.  This blush is also paraben and talc free and contains vitamins to not only give your skin a glow, but nourish it as well.  I love the beauty effect of it. My qualm with this brush- the price. $32.00.

All in all I love the glow this blush gives my cheeks (as you can see in this pic).

What are your fave blushes of the moment?



Product provided for review, but you should know by now, if Milly don't like it, you wouldn't see it.




TheFashionistachic said...

I too love my mascara, but instead of blush I will do a lip gloss

Girls Best Friend said...

I have to have my mascara too, but I 'd prefer a lip gloss

Girls Best Friend said...

I love mascara too but i prefer lip gloss. DISCLAIMER I HAVE TRIED TO SEND THIS COMMENT 3 TIMES ALREADY

BonafideLatina~ said...

I only do mascara when I'm going out at night or on weekends I feel okay without it during the for blush I'm still addicted to your raved reviewed Tarte Amazonian Clay in Blushing Bride :)

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