Nucelle Papaya Skin Exfoliator Review

I used to have terrible blackheads on my nose. I swear my whole nose was covered in them. When I would get facials, many of the estheticians, would tell me they could not continue removing the blackheads on my nose because there was just too many (that's how bad it was.). But once I started exfoliating my skin a lot more, those little suckers disappeared, so exfoliants are a huge part of my life especially during the winter, when my skin tends to get on the drier side. I purchased the Nucelle Papaya Exfoliator recently, and am in love with this exfoliator. Click Below to Read More

The super fine crushed walnut grains in this are superior. They thoroughly cleanse my skin and remove those dry patches, while also leaving my skin so soft, and moisturized. The fact that it contains papaya is awesome too because the enzymes in papaya are a natural peel. It also has other beneficial ingredients which I love such as Apricot Kernel Oil, Peppermint, cucumber Extract. The product smells a lot like oatmeal. I use a dime size amount for my whole face, and find that this product packs a powerful punch with just a little used.  My qualm with this product is it contains parabens. If  i was pregnant, I wouldn't touch this product (since I stayed away from parabens and phthalates while pregnant) but since I'm not, I do love the results I get with this exfoliator.

What are your current fave exfoliators?

Do you use them often?




CG0528 said...

what did you exfoliate with to get rid of the blackheads? I have a lot too I want to get rid of

beautylogicblog said...

@cg0528 I used a few exfoliators, but one of the most beneficial was Kate Somerville's exfolikate. You can also try Nuance Walnut scrub at CVS. that's pretty good too.

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