Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara Review & Demo

The last Maybelline mascara releases have been pretty amazing.  Falsies Flared is a  staples in my makeup bag, and now for the spring Maybelline is releasing their Illegal Lengths Mascara which I'm happy to say may replace my Falsies Flared as my current fave drugstore mascara. This mascara  incorporates 4mm black fibers into the formula.  Maybelline says " The elongated, dark fibers provide a dramatic, almost illegal length to lashes." The mascara is supposed to contain a Fiber Fix formula that actually seals the fibers to each lash while the fiber fix brush catches each lash for optimal fiber placement.

That all sounds peachy, but you know how I am. The proof is in the pudding! When I look at the wand, I noticed it was pretty standard looking, with thick fibers.

Anyway, after trying, I'm in love with this mascara.  Yes it does give me super duper length, not sure if it's 4mm length, but man they look longer, but also I really love the amount of volume I get from this mascara without any clumping at all. Anyway, I placed the mascara on the left eye, and left my right eye empty so you can see the difference.  Check it out:
I have no makeup on in this pic, excuse the redness on my nose, I had just given myself a peel with a product that really gave me a bad reaction. Anyway, I love this mascara. Also, you can keep applying this mascara and it gives you the sexiest longest lashes ever, without being all clumpy.  All in all, I tend to carry three mascaras in my bag, this will be one of them.

What do you think of this mascara?

Will you be purchasing?

What's your fave drugstore mascara?




MrsFarrah said...

I just purchased this mascara last week at my local drugstore, and I like it!! I wasn't to sure about purchasing it because I really didn't care for the L'oreal fiber lash mascara, but this does the job on my eensie weensie lashes, I alternate between this mascara and Maybelline Lots of lashes which totally ROCKS!!

Sherry said...

WOW, Milly! Usually when bloggers post pictures of the latest "miracle-working" mascara on their eyes, I'm like "Meh, I don't see much difference!", but your lashes look amazing with this one! I can actually see the difference, for once, and I certainly don't have to strain my eyes to do it. Definitely a keeper!
I generally just use whatever mascara I grab first from my mascara stash, usually drugstore, sometimes high-end; they really don't seem to be that much different on my lashes, because I am quite blessed in that department, at least. One coat of any of them and I look like I'm wearing "falsies". In some situations, I actually worry that they may look a bit inappropriate!

beautylogicblog said...

@msfarrah Isn't it amazing hon!

beautylogicblog said...

@sherry hmm sherry I hope you check all of todays post. You may be pleasantly surprised.

justicefighter1913 said...

Love it! This looks promising. I'll have to check and see if the drugstore in my area carries this. If so, I'll take it back home and rock this everyday!

beautylogicblog said...

@justicefighter1913 hey doll, how have you been? Yes this mascara is the

Anonymous said...

I got this mascara this past weekend & it is great ! (: it makes my eye lashes look really long and full of volume ! I love it ! ;D

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