Winners of the 7 Salma Hayek Products & New Haute Look Giveaway

Hey guys, here are the 7 winners of the Salma Hayek Nuance Products.
FYI: from here on out, you must like our facebook page to be entered to win any future giveaways so here's the link. I'm doing a lot this month so it's a good idea for you to like our page. Also, please don't enter under Anonymous because then you can't claim your prize.   (Wow I'm being so demanding today. It's my time of the month, don't hold it against me. )lol

Anyway the 7 winners of the Salma Hayek Giveaways are:

1) Hanna
2) Diane Bridgett
3) Khadine
4) JoJo
5) Larnies

OK You lucky 7 winners. You must email me at, with your 7 selections and your address within two days.  I will pick new winners if I don't get your entries. Go to this link here to pick out your seven Nuance Products.

If you didn't win no worries, we've got some amazing giveaways going on this month before XMAs that are including Tarte, Duri, Lacome. Today we've actually got a $50.00 gift card with You can enter that here.




Khadine (Cosmetic Passion) said...

Cool! Thank you! :) ...It's a good thing I clicked on the link (I really didn't expect to win)... Now I have to go through and check out your Nuance posts to get some ideas of what to choose! Yay! :)

JoJo said...

Yayy!! Thank you Milly! Will be emailing you shortly :)

Hanna said...

yay thank you I already sent you an email! Omg saw you were at the fight SAT!! I love love love boxing too, I was watching at home but thought it was amazing! I wanted a KO but a TKO is good enough:) cheers!

larnies said...

Milly!! Thanks so much. I'll be emailing you shortly!!

MD said...

Millie! What a treat -- thank you so much for the giveaway!! Now the hard part will be deciding which items to try out :) I guess I'll review some of your reviews first!

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