Makeup Master Scott Barnes-5 Makeup Tips On how To Look 10 Years Younger

He is the man credited with giving Jennifer Lopez her famous glow! Friend to the blog, Scott Barnes, has been the personal makeup artist to the famed actress/singer/producer (what hasn't JLO done)  for more than 10 years, and he's also  worked on countless celebs as well. Today on BeautyLogic, he's dishing on how we can use makeup to look 10 years younger.
1) Use concealer! Find one with a little pink undertone, which will add youth when used under your eyes

2)     Bronzer – work from the outside of your face in, to create a “halo effect” and beautiful “lit from within” glow.  The last thing you want to do is add dark bronzer under your eyes (or up to the side of your nose) where your skin is already darker, and definitely avoid applying bronzer to the creases around your mouth and eyes, as that will make you look older. I like Guerlain Bronzer. 

3)     Avoid a dark, harsh lip – this can age your face.

4)     Try a softer blush, I recommend a peach with a gold undertone or Nars Orgasm. 

5)     Individual lashes can brighten your eyes and make them look bigger! Always use an eye lasher curler – I like the one from Japonesque – and I like Naphcon A eyedrops), which make your eyes look rested.

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