Loving Tarte Puttin' On The Glitz Holiday Purse & Palette Swatches & look

 Hey loves, how was your weekend. I hope amazing. Mine was fun, we'll talk more about it later, but let's start the week right with Tarte's Puttin' on the Glitz Palette and purse which is my current obsession. First of all, look how gorgeous the purse is. I actually wore it out last night for date night. But then check the interior, I was able to fit my credit cards, my learners permit (don't judge me because I failed the driving test twice) and cash. You can also fit one of  Tarte's Puttin on the Glitz Palette's as well and the lip gloss.

Oh, I wrote "ONE" of the Puttin' on The Glitz Palettes because this Holiday set comes with three palettes! Yes I said three. A total of 18 eye shadows, a blush, highlight, and bronzer, and even a lip gloss.Click below to see the three palettes, swatches, and a look I created with one of the palettes.

Here's the Nine To Five Palette.

Tarte- Girls Night Out

Tarte Walk In The Park

Here's a lip gloss swatch.
A pretty sheer pink lipgloss

Here's a look I created using the Tarte' Puttin on the Gitz  Girl's Night Out Shadows. I used the Tarte Multipleyes on the top lid, and a green eyeliner on bottom lid. The green eyeliner on bottom is not Tarte's.

OH FYI, If you're not too savvy with eye makeup, Tarte's got you covered. The Puttin on The Glitz Palette contains instructions on 3 different eye looks.

Now the review. I wore Girls Night Out with Mr. Milly and found there was no creasing, the shadows were seriously pigmented, and blended super well together.There was a very slight amount of fall out with one of the shadows.  The gloss applied smoothly, and didn't feel sticky at all. I'm so not a fan of sticky glosses especially when it's windy! Anyway, this gloss  lasted about two and a half to three hours before I felt I needed to reapply.

All in all this is probably one of the best beauty gifts you can give, The gorgeous packaging, the 3 palettes that give you a total of 18 blushes, a blush, bronzer, and a highlight, and a lip gloss, that's pretty sweet.

What do you think of Puttin on the Glitz?

Did you fail your driving test too?

If you love it, you can purchase it exclusively at Ulta here.

For $48.00 this is a steal!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty mellow. We went to a restaurant called Negril Village and had some delicious Jamaican Food. Yum




kepsgrl said...

Beautiful palettes! Not to mention you look stunning in the pic...

beautylogicblog said...

@kepsgirl thanks doll, can you email me? Would like to ask you a question.

pooshae said...

Your makeup is flawless as usual.

Failed driving test 1st time. Passed 2nd time around. The ironic things is, that's about 10 years ago and I still can't drive...I'm not judging you! what can one say when one is a city chick.

Thought I saw you going to TJ Maxx on Friday evening. Stopped in Whole Foods and was on my way home from work...was too tired and already went through the door.

BonafideLatina~ said...

Loves it! You look great as usual! I love Negril...oldie but goodie.

beautylogicblog said...

@pooshae that makes me feel better.This year, I will get my license. Now as for seeing me, next time say hello!!!!! Would love to meet more of my readers/friends. Hugs to you!

beautylogicblog said...

@bonafidelatina thanks hon, how was your cruise?

Catherine said...

I love the look of Walk in the Park!

P.s. I failed my driving test twice before I passed on the third time - I was the first member of my family not to pass first time! But thankfully I think they have all forgotten now ha ha!

beautylogicblog said...

@catherine hey at least you passed. I'm going to take it again this year.

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