Lush Lustre Body Dusting Powder Review

 If I'm going on a date with Mr. Milly or to an event in the evening, one thing I always love is to add a little golden glimmer to my decolette area and to my legs. My new favorite Body glow product is Lush's Lustre Dusting Powder. The scent of this alone is addicting. It's pure Jasmine which happens to be one of my absolute favorite scents. And the glow it gives my tan skin is out of this world. It's not too much, just a slight golden shimmer. I love that this is a powder too because it doesn't rub off on my clothes. Many of these glowey products although they claim they don't  rub off on your clothes, they do! This doesn't get my clothes dirty, smells AMAZING, and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth with a gorgeous golden glow. And this is only $14.95 for a bottle that will last you forever. Love!!!

Have you used Lush's products?

There used to be a Lush by a school I was going to, and I would always be late to class, because I'd be at the Lush store just smelling and testing everything




socialitedreams said...

have you tried Alien (perfume by thierry mugler)? If you love jasmine, it will probably be a fave. here's a review of it:

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